Bonaventure Support Services Ltd. -
Social Programs
Girl Talk  
This is an opportunity for just the girls to get-together for fun, socialization, art projects, friendships, recreation and surprises. This program is planned by the interests and passions of the girls who attend.  We plan our menu, make our lunch and clean up afterwards. This program is designed for girls 16 years and older.  
Tuesday from 9:30-2:30 pm

Our social programs will be staffed with a 1:4 ratio. 

Men's Activity Night
The individuals we support really guide where our groups grow and change.  This evening started as a dinner night, and has now grown to something more meaningful to them.  

Our activity night provides social, community and life skill opportunities for the individuals we support.  
Some of the activities they have participated in, is local hockey games, board game nights, bowling, swimming, billiards,a movie, etc accompanied by dinner.

These are wonderful opportunity for individuals to get together, socialize,share a meal and/or connect in a safe and trusting environment. Many people who live independently and alone, can miss out on these opportunities.  For the meal creation alone, they learn new recipes, work within a budget, learn healthy living skills, kitchen skills, practice their cleaning skills all while being in a supportive environment.  
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